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Where can I buy a Persian?

There are several alternatives: pet shops, markets, catteries, cat shows. In principle, it is not recommended to buy a kitten at the market or pet shop. The kittens taken there can suffer of different diseases and can have fleas or other parasites. Besides, you can find very seldom good, strong kittens there.

It is better to buy cats from nurseries. First of all, the breeder can help you any time with a good advice and will gladly share with you his experience regarding the grooming of the Persian. Secondly, buying the cat in a good cattery, you can be sure that the kitten has very good genes, even if he is not a show-class pet and you might get excellent kittens in the future.

How to find a good cattery? Those breeders attend exhibitions and their cats win titles and best in show prizes. You can get in touch with them through Internet, through felinological clubs and associations and, as we mentioned, at the exhibitions. The easiest way is of course the Internet. Visiting their sites, you can see pictures of their cats, information about the exhibition successes of the cats. The breeder will supply you with all the information about the kittens and will show you the pedigree of the parents.

If you have the opportunity to visit a Cat Show, you should go there. You will not regret. You will see for yourself the parents of your future pet, his brothers, sisters and other relatives. You will have the possibility to image how will be the kitten when he will grow up. If you decided to buy the kitten during the exhibition, do not hesitate to ask the opinion of the judge. He will help you to make the right choice.

ICF IFA FAN "Lovely Cat" from Chisinau

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