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I want to buy a Persian

Congratulations! You have made a good choice. However, before making the final step, ask yourself: do you want to get a tender and fluffy pet just for home or do you intend also to exhibit him successfully at Cat Shows. Whatever your answer is, it would be recommended to have an idea about the standards of the breed. Many persons consider that any fluffy cat is a Persian. I have met many people, which brought their female cats to my pet and which were convinced that their pets are Persians.Of course, some of them were Persians, but there were also cats, which had in the best case one parent Persian. I could see "Persians" which actually were: Turkish Angora, Siberian or even, once, Oriental. I have shared with you above-mentioned "experience" to emphasize importance of knowledge of standards of breed, even in brief.

The Persian should give the impression of a strong cat, with equilibrated character (without attributes of anxiety and aggressivity) and with a sweet expression of the face.

Head and ears round and massive head, wide in cheekbones, harmonious. Small rounded ears, planted widely and low. Full cheeks, round forehead. Wide, short nose with appreciable stop. Strong chin and cheekbones, jaw without pinch. Short neck.

Eyes - big, round, brilliant, homogeneous color, widely planted. The color depends on the color of the coat.

Body - from big up to medium-sized. Strong shoulders. Short and strong legs. Big and round paws. On forepaws - five fingers, on back - four.

Tail the length should be in proposition to the body.

Coat - long, thick, soft, and brilliant, in good condition. Rich collar covers the neck and the shoulders, goes down downwards to forward legs.

In our opinion, while buying a cat, it is also useful to know the basic defects and lacks:

Condition and the size: the cat should be healthy, in good condition, sufficiently advanced for the age.

Skeleton: any deformations of the skeleton are considered defects.

Skull: should be softly rounded without any hollows and ledges

Ears: the top part of the ear lowered downwards is defect.

Eyes: the color should be uniform: no other color inserted in the basic color of the eyes, defects of sight.

Nose: too deep stop and excessively short nose are defects.

Teeth: when the mouth of the cat is closed, canines should be directed vertically. The bottom canines should settle down inside (between the top canines) so that the forward part of the left top canine concerned a back part left bottom. Cutters should settle down exactly between canines.

Tail: breaks are defect.

ICF IFA FAN "Lovely Cat" from Chisinau

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