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How to prepare the cat for the exhibition? It is recommended to exhibit the cat since 3 months. So, he gets used to the exhibition restless atmosphere and will bear it quietly, without aggression. For the adult animal, which for the first time has got on an exhibition, it is tragedy. In the best case - your favorite will try to hide him into the corner of the cage, and in the worse - will show aggression in relation to the steward and will be disqualified.

The following rules are recommended:

To feed the cat twelve hours prior to exhibition day.

The cat should be clean and healthy (without fleas, colds etc.). Clean to cat's ears and wipe the eyes.

Wash up a cat three - five days prior to an exhibition. (depending on the color of the coat)

It is forbidden to exhibit cats with term of pregnancy over 30 days.

It is forbidden to exhibit "tinted" animals.

Carefully differentiate colors at Bi-Colors and Parti-Colors (for example, black from white) and remove "unnecessary" hairs with tweezers (for example, on a white background should not be red or others hairs).

The cat should have all required vaccines.

How to prepare the cat for the exhibition?

It depends in many aspects on the color and breed. For example, at the European shorthaired breeds is appreciated the strong body. At Siamese and Oriental shorthaired it is necessary to think of a diet, remembering, that valuable in these breeds is brawny, harmonious, graceful body with a qualitative and brilliant coat. The Persians should be brushed using powder several times during the exhibition day, and, as a rule, they look in the best way by the end. For Persians it is better to keep a usual diet. Before examination, the powder should be combed out, it should not be noticeable The bad condition of the cat essentially influences his evaluation mark.

Correct presentation
Prepare the curtains for the cage beforehand, so that your cat does not feel uncomfortable. Hang up show curtains on walls and put mattress on a bottom of the cage. The color of the show curtains and mattress should show of your cat. Prepare in advance and do not forget to take to the exhibition: powder, antistatic for the coat, a bag for sweepings, brushes, water.

Be correct! Inclination of the person to "politics tricks", unfortunately, can not be avoided even during Cat Shows. It is regrettable when you can feel it also in the behavior of judges. How should you react in that case? The only thing you can do - refuse to participate in examination hold by such a judge. But do not conceive against him intrigues. Do not start a scandal. The truly correct behavior - ignore the judge, if you feel, that he is guided, softly speaking, by "political goals".

When your number is announced, take out the cat from the cage and give him to the steward. It is not ethic to enter into conversation with the judge and to try to draw his attention, calling your pet. Do not criticize other animals, it can cause scandal, and you will have ill wishers. Be friendly with the others.

ICF IFA FAN "Lovely Cat" from Chisinau

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